Tuesday, April 16, 2013

More views of the chariots...

OK!  The packing process begins for Adepticon.  Quite a truckload!

I am dusting off the Tomb Kings army board now, so that I can wrap it up in plastic.  Typical spring weather for Adepticon is 40 degrees and 50 MPH winds.  That means making what you are carrying extra tough.

The Fantasy minis are a bit easier to pack up, since the movement trays are magnetized on both sides, meaning I just have to plop them in the magnetized box.  The 40k stuff is also magnetized, but it is obviously more free flowing :-)

As I mentioned last night, it is very likely that I won't be able to process the images of the events while we are away.  So, I will be posting pictures of the Dark Eldar in the meantime.  I have dozens of images of the army board as it was being built and painted, as well as finished views of the jetbikes and other vehicles.

I will try to keep you all updated as to what is going on.  I am only anticipating being in the 40k Champs for Thursday.  Fantasy Champs will take up Saturday and Sunday.  

I hope that you folks have gotten some enjoyment and ideas from all the Dark Eldar and Tomb Kings stuff I have been posting.  It may not seem like it, but all these tasks have been practice runs for the painting videos.

The basing, terrain, freehand, bones, blood, etc., will benefit immensely from all these projects.  I have learned all new techniques and discovered new materials which I can now include in those videos.

I don't hold out a lot of hope for winning games in the tournaments.  I have had little or no time to practice, which is never good.  There are also a ton of brand new armies out there, so if I face them, I will have absolutely no idea of their abilities.  Oh well. :-)

So, I think there will be one post tomorrow.  Probably some jetbikes!


  1. I can't wait to see these at Adepticon!

    1. I am bringing 3 cameras in the attempt to have a decent record!

  2. Don't suppose you're playing in the fantasy team tournament on Friday? After reading and being inspired by your blog for the last few months it would be amazing to have a game!

    1. Couldn't do the team tourney this year, but at least I can actually use that day to see Adepticon, which I haven't for years! I will try to swing through the fantasy room, though...

  3. Those are simply amazing - beautiful rich colour scheme and the basing is just... wow