Monday, April 22, 2013

Letters from the Front...

Since the next few posts will be focused on the painting side of Adepticon, I realized that I should have a brief mention of the gaming side of things :-)

The 40k tourney went very much as expected.  Lots of flyers, no cover, remove figures as needed, rinse and repeat.  I did manage to achieve one max point victory for Asharah, however! :-)  Of the 4 games, 3 were against Orks (including the first two).  Now that I think of it, this was quite unexpected!  

On the Fantasy side of things, the will of the Tzeentch God was done, as the Tomb Cities were raided, and great hauls of tainted artifacts were taken back to the old world.  They shall suffer a fate truly worse than death as the "gifts" of the Tzeentch God display themselves. :-)

I suppose there was one surprise here as well, with the Tomb Kings getting a victorious slaughter against some particularly greedy ogres...

Looking ahead, it is extremely unlikely that I will be able to do either tourney in 2014.  I really want to do the LOTR tournament next year, and there will be the inevitable time slot conflicts.

Also, the armies I used this year were 2 year projects.  Even if I started a new one today, the 2 year plan dictates 2015.  

For 40k, the most likely new project would be Imperial Guard.  I would love to create an IG army using the upcoming Raging Heroes Toughest Girls of the Galaxy!  If I need vehicles, I will have all kinds of fun building them from scratch.  We shall see what the grim dark future holds there.

WFB is definitely a 2 year endeavor.  As many heard me explain at Adepticon, I want to do a Bretonnian army that has been corrupted by all the artifacts which they have brought back from the questing they have been doing for generations in the kingdom of Pseusenes.

Making this come to life will involve a tremendous amount of conversion and scratch building, and scary amounts of freehand as well.  Each and every member of the army gets it's own twisted heraldry, and so on.  Lots of extra arms, feathers, you name it.

The other benefit of the 2 year plan would be the probable end of 8th edition, which has been a gigantic turn off for me from day one.  The only appeal that it had was the terrain concepts, and those are very difficult to handle for any tournament, if not impossible.  I had a few chats with folks in the room about this topic.  One can only hope! ;-)

I discussed the Brets many times over the last few days, pondering the notion that they might get a new book between now and 2015.  They have needed one for years as it is, so there could be a perfect storm of new stuff coming!  Perhaps there will be some nifty critters like those new High Elf birdies...

If possible, I would also like to make some armies that are better suited to the game itself, and make fewer sacrifices to fluff, etc.  While it is relaxing to not rush through games to get them done in time, having 2 hours left to play after getting wiped clean off the table loses its appeal rather quickly.  I did have lots of extra time to chat as a result, but when the total time spent playing games is less than what I spent on a typical skeleton archer or jetbike...

I think I was able to get a few in game pictures, so I will see what I can put together for you.  Again, the games did not last very long, and most of the images would simply be time lapse photography of me removing minis from the table :-)

The fun pictures are coming tomorrow, however!  Stay tuned!


  1. With this model, the thing that I love the most besides the hair, is the two severed bits of skull. Brilliant! But not my favourite :P

    Ooo, Lord of the Ring tourney. What you bringing to that then?

    1. I don't know yet... it could be the elves, or the Axles of Evil, or the spider/Morghul knights... ;-)

  2. Good to hear you won a game!

    Gosh the game must be so different now I thought your list looked fine - shows what I know!

    Congratulations on all your wins and all the documenting has been nothing short of amazing!

    Your blog is a *MUST CHECK* every day for me and likely will continue :D.

    I would love to paint a new Lord of the Rings force too as I love that game but no one plays it here anymore *sniff sniff*

    Keep up the inspiring work but have some down time too fellah!

    1. Yes, sadly it's all about how many flyers and fortresses you can bring with you. That's all right, since my usual gaming partner and I are not into that sort of thing!

      Crazy as I am, I tend to fill any microsecond of down time with painting my own minis :-) Can't get enough!