Monday, April 22, 2013

Hauling more loot from the Tomb Cities of Pseusenes...

Yes, indeed.  All those who raid the Tomb Cities of Pseusenes shall suffer a fate worse than death!

Many of you have seen the very spectacular Empire Marienburg themed army.  That was the major battle for painting awards this year, as my Lizards battled Monty Python Ogres last year :-)

My biggest regret is that we did not get to play each other.  The mere thought of the images that could have emerged from that battle blows my mind.  I am kicking myself for not begging Alex to pair us up for the first round!  Stupid mistake by me.

As you can see, the Tainted Pharaoh (with the aid of the Tzeentch God) was able to achieve a Best Appearance award after driving the judges insane for a few hours :-)

In addition, the Lord of Change was able to claim yet another prize.  The other players in the room saw fit to declare the Tomb Kings as their choice for Player's choice Appearance.  They did not make that one lightly at all.  It was amazing to see one player after another stalking around the room just like the paint judges!

For all those who took the time to look at all the tiny little details on the army board, the movement trays, bases, etc.  I had feared that they would all go unnoticed, and that had weighed heavily on me for many months.

As you can see, Alex had some nifty swag set aside for the awards!  Many thanks to Alex, K-Ann, Scott, and everyone who worked so hard to make that happen.

These awards mean way more to me than a Golden Demon.  In fact, if you were to ask me if I wanted a Slayer Sword or just one of these plaques, I would keep exactly what I have without hesitation.

What I enjoy is creating armies.  Each part of the project is just as important at the rest.

The fact that other players, who know what that entails, would see fit to choose the Tomb Kings with all the great stuff in that room is amazing.  It is much appreciated.  There were many times where I had considered doing way less, just so that I could get some sleep.  I just could not let that happen.  I had to fight through those moments and continue with the plan to the end.

I am incredibly happy that it all worked out.  

Crazy as this will sound, the next army might make this one look like a kindergarten project.  That's why it's on the 2 year plan. :-)


  1. Both sets of awards were massively deserved James mate. Congratulations! Through effort alone you deserve awards but your finished work is just stunning. Winning skeletons with skeletons....guess you can never have too many rotting bones in your bits box!

    1. Many thanks!

      There are lots of potential uses for these guys. While I do have a fairly large amount of undead figures stashed around, there was an undead Imperial Guard army that needed skellie bits... :-)