Friday, March 22, 2013

Work in Progress: painting the Chronos Pain Engine

Here we have the Pain Engine about 40% finished.  Lots more to do... glazing, shading, bloody stuff, freehand, etc.  But, you can see it starting to take shape!

You will also notice the similarities to the Grotesques.  I am using a lot of the same techniques and colors on this guy as I did on them.  The darker shades that are yet to come will make quite a difference in this piece, as will the glowing orange freehand that I have done on the other figures.

My hope was to have a marine with cracking energy pulsing through him to represent the Spirit Siphon, but I will be leaving that until later, if there is any time for it.  This will probably be the case for  most of these story elements.

Part of the reason I wanted that particular extra on this figure was to remind me of the gear this guy has, and what his purpose was intended to be.  He is supposed to be handing out paint tokens like candy at a parade.

I suppose if I were smarter, I would have loaded up on these, and not done the Razorwing, etc.  However, the Razor has some very crucial freehand on it in terms of army storytelling.

When this figure is completed, I will post the images... so stay tuned!

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