Friday, March 15, 2013

Some stained marble :-)

Here was another fun experiment.  After seeing Cathy's Papa Nurgle figure that she is working on, I wanted to give these colors a try.  It was a mix of several light colors to begin.

I had a very light tan and a very light teal color out on the palette, and painted the entire base with them, with only subtle differences in the shading.  This was to set up all the glazing and shading that was to come afterwards.

This time, however, I would be doing even more shading to get the deepest darks.  I was testing a few new glaze colors.  You have to be careful when you take this approach, as it can be very easy to kill off your middle tones... and even your highlights!

For the shading, I was mixing GW glazes with Vallejo inks, watered down blue and grey Reaper liner colors, and so on.  I used some Secret Weapon concrete wash, which is always interesting, since it is actually a lighter, more opaque wash.

When mixed with other colors, you get some very interesting results.

If you look at some of the other Nurgle bases, you will recognize what I did with the ooze surrounding the rocks.  I love mixing the fluorescent paints with the gloss medium!  It just looks so toxic!!

It is important to have a nice layer of shading and other 'set up' colors beneath that mixture, as it gives it so much more depth!

I also had some fun with the impaled skellie...


  1. Hey James!

    You're always referring to glazes in your work, but I get the distinct impression you're mixing your own. Have I missed an article where you discussed this, or can you drop a few words on what you mean?

    Thanks in advance - and I love the site!


    1. Hey there! By glazes, it could be anything that involves using transparent color (watered down in some way). That could be with GW glazes of washes, Vallejo washes or glazes, or combinations of both. It could just mean very watered down paint.

      For me, Glaze means very tightly controlled wash. You get a hint of this in the Rivet Wars videos.

      I hope this helps a bit...

  2. Very much! Thanks.

    Let me know when you want to feature your videos on Bell - I promised you an article at Last Year's Adepticon.