Friday, March 15, 2013

One of the originals...

Here is one of the original Grey Knight terminators I had made way back when I fist started the Demonhunter army.  This guy was made at the same time as the original squad of terminators that I created using regular plastic space marines.

I had to do a lot of sculpting and converting to make that work.  The helmet, psychic hood, actuators and so on all had to be sculpted from scratch.  The armor plates were all sculpted in the same Sacred Chalice fashion.

I also added the long flowing purity seals.

You can look back through the old Demonhunter posts to find that original squad that won the Golden Demon at our first Games Day back in 2007.  There are pictures showing the construction, I believe :-)

As with the previous versions of these terminators, I had some fun painting the marble floor reflection on the legs!

This figure is available on Ebay right now:


  1. The link for the auction is only reachable for you.
    (Its a link to your private account)

    One working link:


    1. Thanks! I just changed that, so hopefully it works now!