Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Pilot to tower...

Given the large amount of Venoms that are also included in the army, it was time to figure out what I was going to do with all the pilots.  I could have saved time by just painting the canopies as I did with some regular Eldar vehicles a few years ago, but I wanted to do something more with these.

Also, having established the glowy look with both the jetbikes and the Grotesques, I wanted to maintain a consistency from one set of figures to the next.

The other tricky part to all of these vehicles was going to be painting the cockpits and other engine elements that would be almost impossible to reach if I did not paint them before gluing the two halves together.  So, I painted the intakes and exhaust sections of the engines, and started painting the cockpit as well.

I used some deep reds to paint the pilot and most of the cockpit, and then used the filbert brush to 'damp brush' the glowing colors, working all the way up to the brightest lights.

Then I used a series of glazes to shade everything darker.  By using a blue green mix, the reds were also shaded, and cooled down in the shadow areas quite a bit.  That helped to tie all the colors together.

Then I went back in and worked the middle tones a bit, cleaning up some areas and adding a bit of variation in the lighter colors in terms of hues.

So, task complete!  All set to glue together.

Just 3 more to go...


  1. That's a very stark OSL without being too much - even though it's everywhere. Which is weird and impressive.

    1. Thanks! The idea behind it is that the canopy itself kind of holds in some of the light. Plus, once that canopy is on there, it will hide most of what I did with all the reflections and such. That means enhancing the effect...

  2. Will you be tinting the canopy or leaving it as is?

    1. I had thought of using a touch of the flourescent paint on the inside, but I think lack of time will make me hold off that experiment.