Thursday, March 28, 2013

An elephant never forgets

We step into the way back machine once again with another set of miniatures from MSB Toys.  You already saw the Rhino man.  I painted these back in 2005, I think.  

As with the rhino, the textures on the skin were pretty rough, and difficult to paint.

I do know that seeing some of these 'critter-folk' got us thinking about that line of miniatures centered around a skirmish battle game.  There were going to be a number of creature races... bears, birds, cats, etc.  Seeing the rhino and elephant men definitely put the thought in my head :-)

It would certainly be really fun to sculpt some of these myself, although I would definitely go bigger scale.  Say something that would fit on a 75x50 mm base, along the lines of the new dragon ogres or bull centaurs.

I am not sure which armor/armament direction I would go.  I think the motif of the above elephant would be the most appropriate.  Perhaps even a truly massive elephant as the large creature.  Even bigger than the Mumakil from LOTR.

Who knows... maybe someday!!!


  1. These are prototype Skorne models I think.