Saturday, March 2, 2013

A fun little centaur from Chainmail

I discovered this guy the other day.  It's another one of those rare Chainmail miniatures.

What I enjoyed about this one is the sculpted transition from the torso to the horse body.  It was done relatively well, and that let me do some interesting things with the fleshtones.

Normally, there is some kind of belt or armor that completely slices the two apart from each other.  Here, even the hair blended nicely into the horse body.  It's a pretty dynamic pose for a centaur as well.

Painting the freehand designs was easy, since it was such a clean sculpt and cast.  It is always a bummer when I can't make freehand designs work due to a lack of detail and clean casting.

I don't get to do brown flesh tones very often at all, so this was very cool!