Monday, February 25, 2013

The Grotesque squad starts to grow...

OK!  Here's our second grotesque.  I am trying to keep all of these roughly with the same set of colors.  The poses are so darn similar, and the casting was really nasty.  This one is one of the worst of the squad, with serious casting issues.

This figure has the standard close combat weapon.  I tried to do a few different things with colors... on the vials, tubes, etc.  Even the placement and amount of blood and gore.

The bases reflect the color scheme of the opposing space marine army.  Once I get to the Reavers and the vehicles, you will start to see some actual casualties on the bases, similar to the one on the big Chaos base I posted over the weekend.

The Reavers are supposed to be dueling with assault troops from this opposing force, a big part of the story behind this army.

Here's the first two Grotesques together!  Working on the Aberration now...  Stay tuned!

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