Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Lions and Tigers and Bears, oh my...

Here are some more of those "Mystery Miniatures" that were used for a set of RPG figures.  I have posted some of the other figures from this set before.  Lots of critters in snow!

These bears were particularly unusual, as you just don't see many bear miniatures.

When Cathy and I were working on that miniatures game of ours, one of the races we had thought about was an Ursae race.  Who knows, perhaps someday...

The bears were pretty decent to paint.  Not sure who made, them, though...

This one was particularly unusual, and huge!  I am pretty sure that was a 50mm base.

And then Sabre tooth guy.  We had a faction of female sabre tooths like this one planned.


  1. The werebear holding the double bladed axe is DHL 02753 Werebear cast by Reaper Miniatures, sculpted by Jason Wiebe

    Killer painting, btw.

  2. The weretiger wielding the sword is Reaper Miniatures DHL 02785: Sabertooth Tiger Man, also sculpted by Jason Wiebe.