Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Intense action at the Royale...

Here are some fun pics that I took using my Mimes of Moria and a Chaos Dwarf team in the Royale Casino, a Blood Bowl stadium I have under construction.

I built grandstands on either side of the field, complete with locker rooms, places for gambling tables, fans, and more!

There were areas for rolling dice, and even a turn track using cards.  The house rule was that whoever had the better "hand" would get an extra re-roll.

I also had a large scoreboard, and even an announcer's booth!  The scoreboard was on the side of the field where the camera is...

Now for some on the field shots!

Pierre gets ready to square off against something that should be braised in a buttery sauce...

The lovely parasol insures a soft landing anywhere on the field!

Beware Le Fanatique!!

Francois stands by to toast with some Chablis...

Look out for the Star Bombardier!

A duel of wizards just before halftime.

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