Friday, February 22, 2013

Fun with giant bases...sculpey and bits

Here's a crazy quilt of colors and materials for you!  Lots of baked sculpey (the black and green materials), along with some extra thick road cork courtesy of Cathy's Dad!

You can see the big pile of sculpey shavings.  I put a casualty on one of the bases for fun.

Lots of oxide paste helped fill in the gaps, and gave me a nice glue to place all the rocks and gravel!

I topped things off with some chopped up vehicle bits.

Next step... painting!!!

Leonard is very stylish with his new bow tie...


  1. You know James, I always look at the bases you make out of sculpey and think how awesome it would be to have some of my models on bases like that.

    So in the spirit of being adventurous, would you mind telling me how easy it is to work with sculpey and what I'd need to get started? I would be muchos appreciative, especially if I could anything even half as good as the results you get!


    1. There are a bunch of posts in the Basing Techniques section with lots of pictures and descriptions.

      Sculpey is pretty easy to work with. It's Bake, Break, and Carve. You roll it out in a sheet, bake it, and then break it into pieces. Woodcarving tools work nicely to carve it, and rocks & gravel finish them off wonderfully.

      Just make sure that you get the regular white sculpey, as that is the easiest one to carve!!!