Friday, February 22, 2013

Dark Elf Musician on Cold One from Gamezone

This is the last of the Dark Elf cold ones from Gamezone.  As you can see, they are a bit on the large size, compared to the GW versions...

The base is sculpted from Apoxy Sculpt.


  1. It is magnificent that your made James!!!! One question though, can you remember what colour you used for the gold? I like this color but I do not manage to reproduce it with the paint citadel, can you help me please?

    1. I started out with a snakebite leather, lightening it with space wolves grey. I then glazed and shaded it darker with a series of sepia washes. I darkened the sepia washes with purple and green to get the darkest shadows. I hope that is helpful!

    2. yes thank very much I am going to try, thank you for answering so quickly and with so much sympathy