Saturday, January 5, 2013

Using the shaded basecoat to paint your sci fi bases

You saw me use the shaded basecoat technique a few days ago to paint the Groundwerks Mayan theme bases, so I thought I would do the same for some sci-fi bases from Dragonforge!

Here is a set of 40mm Dragonforge... very neat!  First, I brushed on some black primer.

I began with a little Vallejo German grey.  This looks like drybrushing, but it is a bit more 'controlled' than that.

I added some Vallejo intermediate blue (a blue/grey), and continued to do the controlled drybrushing.

I continued to work up to the lightest blue/grey...

Then I added some Vallejo pale green, and continued.  The idea is to set up my darker glazes, which will be more blue/black.

Then it was time for the non metal sections.  I started out with an olive green, mixed with some of the blue/grey.

Then I used a terracotta color for some variety...

Finally, a tan was used to complete the initial colors of the stones.

I mixed some pale flesh in with those 3 darker colors to lighten them.  Again, the whole idea is to set up the later glazes!

More lightening with the controlled drybrush...

So, everything is set for those glazes!  Stay tuned for the next exciting episode!!!


  1. This is a fantastic tutorial thanks for sharing

  2. Thanks for sharing.
    It has inspired me to build a few ones.