Saturday, January 5, 2013

Goram the Dead from Stonehaven Miniatures

We have one more Dwarf from the Stonehaven kickstarter!

This is Goram the Dead.  In life, Goram had no desire to fight.  In death, he has more than one motivation.

First, he is bound to protect his master.  When his master is not around, he may get confused and choose a temporary master.  Second, he feels an insatiable hunger for carnage and gore.  Insatiable, but not irresistible!


  1. This reminds me of the paintjobs on some of the Rackham Mid-nor figures. Looks cool.

    1. Man did I love those! I wish I had a bunch. They would make some fantastic chaos dwarfs. The last time I had some of those, it was for a blood bowl team. Actually, I think there are pics posted of the team here...

  2. Really cuddly undead: -D.Very nice :-)