Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The conclusion of the Battle for the Warp Gate!

So, when we last left our intrepid heroes, they were desperately trying to delay the oncoming Chaos forces, which were closing in from all sides.

To make matters worse, demons were beginning to emerge from the gate!

There were a few fronts where Chaos had been eliminated, so what remained of the defenders began to fall back to the gate to bolster the waiting Grey Knight terminators.  The fight continued in the large building between the Grey Knight marines and Inquisitor vs the Chaos troops.  A few squads of Stormtroopers had been wiped out, and all the Chimeras had been destroyed.

You can see the main Chaos advance in this image, coming from the area where the Stormtroopers had been  eliminated, as well as the open flank by the bridge.  Some of these were fast units, including the bikes and Raptors.

What demons came through the gate were destroyed, and the special character was able to banish any more denizens of the Warp as he slowly gained more control over the gate...

The Chaos forces begin to coalesce around one rallying point, in order to make that final push to the gate.  Nurgle and Slaneesh marines were the bulk of the force, with the bikes and Raptors leading the way.  You can also see a group of terminators trying to advance in the far right.  They had been delayed...

The bikes and Raptors move ahead and charge, hoping to tie up the defenders in that spot to allow the main force to move up and surround the gate.  It was looking grim for the defenders!!

However, the remaining Stormtroopers sacrifice themselves, and the speedy Chaos units are dispatched, along with some assistance from the special character.  Anything in base contact with him in a close combat situation is pretty much dead, friend or foe.

After killing off the Bikes and Raptors, the lone Terminator squad move into position to defend the gate.  They are hit by the Nurgle and Slaneesh marines, which take severe losses to both the special character and to the waiting terminators.  The Grand Master also uses some of his psychic abilities to add to the destruction.

Still, a big unit of Chaos Terminators was now on its way!  Could they hold out until turn 8?

At this stage of the game, there was still some fighting going on elsewhere on the board.  The Obliterators and Predator destroyed the last Demonhunter dreadnought.

I mentioned that not much was left alive in the large building where the huge fight between the Grey Knights, Inquisitor and the Chaos grunts.  You still have the Inquisitor and one lone servitor inside!

Just for spite, the Defiler fired it's battle cannon into the building.  It may have been the wind emanating from the Warp Gate, because the blast template scattered onto the Defiler itself!!

Now for the main event!  The combat between the Grey Knights and the Chaos terminators turned out to be very lopsided.  The Grey Knights were able to use the psyker to great effect, killing most of the Chaos terminators by himself.  Some Grey Knights were lost, but enough remained on Turn 8 that the gate could be closed...

And so it was!  With the gate closed, what remained of the Chaos forces would eventually be killed off, or leave the field.  The Inquisition had once again prevented the pollution of the Warp from breaking through on this particular hive world...

Stay tuned for the rules of this campaign in another post!  I hope you enjoyed this...


  1. Awesome stuff! I've really enjoyed these posts - thanks for sharing!

    1. I' glad you liked it! I do have the rules and scenario text which I want to post soon!