Wednesday, January 16, 2013

New arrivals from Ultraforge!!

Well, folks, look what the cat dragged in.  Actually it as me. :-)

Here we have lots and lots of goodies from Ultraforge, the maker of some really nice "Big Guys".

I have a few blog posts with some painted examples:

As I have mentioned in other blog posts, these are very "playable" large creatures, in that the poses tend to collide less with the other miniatures on the table, and the removable wings allow for much greater ease in transport.

Also, the pieces are kept to a minimum, and they tend to fit together very well.  Much less work for me!

This is one of their newest offerings, the demon prince.  As you can see, it has some nice options (heads, hands, weapons) so that you can use it in different ways...

The Pleasure Demon is to be the subject of one of my painting videos for the Painting Pyramid Kickstarter, as are a few others.

I am really looking forward to these!!!


  1. I agree, Ultraforge miniatures are a joy to paint, and gorgeously sculpted. However, the original founders and sculptors (one of whom is a buddy who used to work at a GW retail store shortly after I left) sold the company a long time ago. I hadn't seen any "new" sculpts from them until your pic of the colour box of a Demon Prince. Do you happen to know what's going on with the company nowadays? I'd be very interested in hearing any news.

    1. Not quite sure, but I believe the new folks are trying to re-birth the line. I do hope so, since we both like their stuff :-)

      I'll keep you up to speed on what I learn!