Thursday, January 3, 2013

Some of my Galadrhim Knights for Bilbo's bash...

Well, it's about time to use those photos you saw me processing in the last post!  Here are a few of my trusty Galadrhim knights.  With the ability to move through cover, and more importantly 12 inches of normal movement, they were a vital part of my army.

They were a perfect tandem with Gwaihir, the Great Eagle.

The high fight skill could turn many a fight their way.  And they could also hold out against a crowd.  I look forward to adding a few more to my 1000 point army!!!

This particular rider is on a Dragonforge base.

This figure is on one of my own bases.  I created an elf like design on a stone panel and made a cast of it.  Pieces of it were used on these cavalry figures and my infantry as well!

This is one of many new group shots I took...


  1. i like fighter paintings great soldiers

  2. That is the perfect purple that I want to use for my Menoth. What did you use?

    1. A mixture of scab red and regal blue was the basis of the color. Once it had been lightened up to scab red, I used vomit brown for further lightening. After that, I did a series of glazes with druichi violet and ball red.

      I hope that is useful! If you do a search using the search function on the left column, you will find a step be step on how these were painted...

  3. Beautiful. Interesting to see a colour scheme differing to the traditional blue.