Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy Birthday Blog! Eleven months and counting!!

I only noticed late last night that today was going to mark the 11th month of the Blog's existence!  It is hard to believe that it's been almost a year!

During that time, there have been 930 posts, 450,000 pageviews and thousands of comments... it has been quite a ride. :-)

I am also reminded to say thank you to everyone who has check out this crazy thing, and listened to my mad ramblings!  It is still the best way for me to take over the universe, though...

I am trying to plan out some sort if 1st birthday post for February.  That would be all about Lizardmen, which were the first set of posts.  I guess I will have to paint a few new lizzies for that!!!

The blog has certainly changed a lot in the last 11 months.  I cannot be certain what direction the blog will take in 2013, but I have a few ideas.  There will certainly be a lot more LOTR painting, but there will also be a hefty amount of Dark Eldar posts as I make the army ready for Adepticon!!

In any case, I will always try to keep it interesting!!!

OK... a few more group shots of the Knights of the Blood Rose riding off to war!


  1. Wow James those look excellent! I noticed in the first pic you have painted in the eyes. At the moment I am working on an Erin of the Flame from reaper's Warlord range. I have finsihed the whole figure but there is one thing that is bugging me, his eyes are so tiny that I just can't seem to make it look like he is 'looking'. I can't even do it with my 3/0 brush. Any tips would be appreciated. Oh and also Happy Birthday! (Don't worry I won't send you an e-card this time, :D) But that is some achievement for only 11months. WELL DONE!

    1. Hello!

      Eyes can be tricky, especially on certain sculpts. I don't really do anything fancy. I try to paint in the whites of the eyes, and then use my liner brush to create a dark line on the top of the white. The pupil gets 'attached' to that dark line. This technique allows me to create an eye where the original sculpted part might be lacking.

      The eyes end up being a little bigger probably, but at least they are there! :-)

  2. Replies
    1. Many thanks! I really did like these guys. In fact, there are a still a few more to paint!

  3. THANK YOU for sharing your wonderful works!!
    Only 11 months?!.. Sure this is crazy.
    Sometimes I feel crazy, and I love found someone crazier than me :-)
    I think you are a hard worked artist and a hard worked blogger.
    So one more time thanks for sharing and CONGRATULATION for all your work (modeling, painting, photos and writing)
    And... you know... I'm watching you ;-)

    1. Thanks for tacking to time to visit! It's always better when someone is 'watching' ;-)