Thursday, January 31, 2013

Rainbow Bird! More Lizard favorites

This Cockatrice was painted for my Lizard army for the Storm of Magic expansion.

The base was done in the same style as all my other Lizardman bases.  You can get a glimpse of the symbol in the picture above.

I did many searches for images of the Cockatrice for color ideas.  There were three designs I chose from in the end.  I chose to go for the kaleidoscope of colors, which would go very well with all my colorful skinks!

At some point, I want to get some more of these, and put a small howdah on the back filled with skinks tossing rocks on hapless enemies!

Plus, I had all sorts of fun doing the color transitions!

This was one of the pieces that really cemented the 'shaded basecoat' technique in my mind.  I worked quickly, with the bigger brushes, and that we essential an getting these transitions.

The glazing and tinting was very fun as well.  I could make one area more purple or more teal in a heartbeat.  A treat!

So, I will continue with the Lizard review, as the 1st Birthday of the Blog is just days away!

Also, there are now only 7 days left to enter the Painting Pyramid!!


  1. I've been eying this model for awhile now to use as a Tzeentch Daemon Prince. How did you find it's casting? Were bubbles as problematic as most other finecast?

    1. This had all the usual issues that you would associate with Finecast. Not as 'unfortunate' as other F-cast minis, but still there...

  2. Great paintjob and most fitting with the bright colors on this model.