Monday, December 3, 2012

Would you like a mini with that base?

As promised, here are some step by step shots of Elinda Hammerforge from Stonehaven miniatures.  This was one of numerous dwarf role playing style figures they created for their recent kickstarter!

You have already seen the base, so now it is time to check out the miniature.
Using the normal shaded basecoat technique, I went to my lightest shades as quickly as possible.

In this image, you see all the lightest shades set up , waiting for those glazes!!

Some quick glazes in place.  As I shade areas darker, I try to tint them various colors. For instance, I use a blue/black on the metal surfaces, a yellow brown on the clothes. and then some reddish washes and glazes elsewhere.

Those glazes were enhanced by mixing in brown liner and other regular paints with those later glazes

After working back into my middle tones, I did some reflected lights from the forge onto the metal surfaces.  It will all make sense when you see her on the finished base!  Stay tuned :-)