Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The second rank takes aim... some more SE-NMM training

Now I am getting deeper into the second rank, and that means some of the standing figures.  There's a bit of a difference in the armor, so some changes in the approach to the SE-NMM will be necessary.

This is a little more practice in this technique before I develop the NMM DVD's using those Urban Mammoth figures.

Here are some views of how he fits with the unit as a whole...

At this stage, it is nice to see how the bases are starting to mesh with the movement tray.

I had to do the movement tray colors "blind" in a manner of speaking, making assumptions on what each part of the tray would look like (the individual bases) before they were ever painted.

This is where the shaded basecoat method helps.  I took the same lighter colors, and then tinted and shaded them all darker with glazes.  This meant that I could color match by sight, instead of relying on pre-set color mixes that I could either forget, or run out of the colors themselves...

More to come!!!


  1. I love how the primed guys in the back row look like ghosts now that the ones around them are painted. :)

    1. Ghost gunners... A new way of showing casualties! :-)