Monday, December 17, 2012

Raging Heroes Orc for a kickstarter video

I thought I would put up some images today of the first test for the Shaded Basecoat "how to" DVD.  These were taken after the first stage of the technique.  It is now ready for the darker shading and tinting.  This particular DVD is the first of the Painting Pyramid Kickstarter videos to be created.

I had chosen this figure from Raging Heroes for a few reasons.  The surfaces are pretty large, and the detail is incredibly fine, which would in turn make it easier for viewers to see what I am trying to do.

Also, there are a variety of surface textures... flesh, metal, cloth, and so on.

I was worried that using a figure which was mostly a cloak, or flesh would not offer enough information on a video that introduces painters to this kind of painting philosophy.

I have been waiting for a chance to film the rest of the painting process, but between the craziness encountered writing the initial proposal and the very dark skies here, I have focused on other elements of the process.  For those of you who have seen images of the film setup in previous posts, you can see a huge difference in the overall lighting when I film during bright daylight.

That ambient light cuts down on the glare of the lights dramatically.  I paint very rapidly, so if I only use the lights in a darkened room, they tend to reflect way too much on the wet paint.  It's no big deal for me, since I know what it is supposed to look like!  For someone who is trying to see exactly what I am doing, those reflections might be a real impediment.

As I have said before, I am trying to make these the very best they can be.  I have also been reminded not to rush foolhardily into production, because there are 20 different subjects that have to be covered!!  Just so you know, this is only the painting DVD's.  There are make more on basing and sculpting.

Should goals be met, etc. there are 10 much more highly specialized DVD's that I could create.

It's a bit scary to realize just how many of these there are!!!


  1. Here's to lighting; The cause of and solution to all delays in video production! You could try getting another ambient light to bounce off the ceiling (if your ceiling is white) to take that harsh edge off but trying to find a light that powerful that is the same color temperature as you hobby lights would actually make the Quest from Lord of the Rings look easy. Besides, good things are worth waiting for ;)

    1. The LED magnifier lights are fantastic, with no crazy 'cycle' effects. Sunlight takes care of the rest. It's just that it has either been raining or really overcast for days and days...

      Any other lights have had the same negative effects, so we wait for the sun to shine!

  2. Ever think of selling downloadable videos too?

    1. We would like to do that eventually. To begin with, we are trying to stick with things that we know a lot better, like DVD's I will keep you updated on that :)