Sunday, December 23, 2012

Aldon Oathkeeper, Dwarf Paladin from Stonehaven Miniatures

On this Christmas Eve eve, we have another member of the Stonehaven Dwarf Kickstarter.  This time, it is Aldon Oathkeeper.  When danger is afoot, Aldon takes the lead, going to great lengths to protect his companions.

And here is someone who goes to great lengths to protect his precious cookies.  Master of the Cookieverse... BABO!


  1. Merry Christmas James and Cathy. I've been pretty stoked to find this blog and every day catching up On Wappellious Goodness. Definitely encouraging me to try more approaches to painting - hopefully I can get some time over the new year to document my findings!

    So highlights from your blog this year have had to be:

    1.Knights of the Blood Rose Elves and the associated step by steps for LoTR.
    2. The basing step by steps and panting. hardly anyone covers basing and I was surprised it was actually interesting!
    3. for a single figure odd as it may seem I have to choose Fuegan. One of my all time favourite Eldar figures and the "eyes" on the helm were inspired.

    All the best looking forward to more Road to Adepticon and the eventual Kickstarter!

    Kind regards from Middle-Earth (err NZ!)


    1. Hello! Would love to take the pilgrimage down there. The last Wappel to be in NZ was my Dad in 1944. :-)

      I hope to take some more shots of the Blood Rose elves, and continue to add to that army. Can anyone say flocks of eagles? Also, I am glad you enjoyed the basing. I absolutely love it, and can't get enough of it!

      Happy Holidays and best wishes from the Windy City!

      Speaking of Fuegan (and the Road to Adepticon), one of my Dark Eldar squads (and Venom) will be painted in that color scheme. That will be very fun!

    2. Ooooh can't wait! There are some tasty looking Eagles in the Hobbit rule book, hopefully not F-cast!

    3. Yes... I think they are plastic, in a set of three, since each pose seemed to be different. One can hope at least! I am assuming that eventually you can have an all Eagle army, so they will need multiple sets like that.

      I am still tempted to get a batch of plastic toy eagles first, however! :-)