Wednesday, November 28, 2012

This time it's a Drow: Raging Heroes Vestal

OK!  Here is the promised Drow flesh tone for the Raging Heroes Vestals!

I will dispense with showing how the base was painted since I just posted the step by step for that technique.

This time around, I wanted to have the really light hair and dark flesh tone.  As I was painting the lava effect, I planned and marked out where that would show up on the miniature itself...

I started out with a Vallejo Luftwaffe uniform color (like a shadow grey, which is what I used to use).  For the basic color of the hair, I used a GW Hellion Green.  Yes, that is a 'dry' paint, but when you mix it with flow improver, you get more of a regular paint!

I began to lighten the original flesh tone color with a Game color Carne Marron, but lots of other colors such as Tallarn flesh could do the same thing.  The hair was lightened with a bit of white.

I watered down some Reaoer deep twilight (a purple/black), and did some glaze/tinting work on the shadow areas.  This would make a nice warm/cool contrast with the somewhat purple flesh tones.

I continued to mix that warmer fleshy color with the cooler shadow grey.

You can see in this view of the palette that I also added a bit of Slaanesh grey.  Yes, it's a food container.  That's what happens when you don't have a vehicle for 2+ weeks!  You can see just about all of the colors that I have used to this point.

Here is a shot of the brush that I was using, a rather large #8 brush.  It lets me move very quickly around the miniature, but has a fine tip so that I can even work into the smaller details.

More lights are added.  I mixed a somewhat cooler pink color into the flesh for the lighter areas.  The hair was shaded a little darker by mixing in some of the darker flesh tone with that Hellion green.

The colors a glistening a bit due to the glaze medium.  It certainly was not hot enough in the house... although she is standing on top of lava...

Another view of the palette.  You can see the darkest darks, and the lightest lights.

Stay tuned for the conclusion!!!


  1. Amazing work may I ask what specific paint did you use for the pink you said? As I understand it the skin went from a VMC Luftwaffe Uniform -> VMC Luftwaffe Uniform/VGC Tan mix -> some mix with the pink? I'm sorry it was a bit hard to follow for me. Anyways thanks in advance.

    1. The skin starts out as a muted purple gray, and then moved to Reaper Ashen Brown. It is then mixed with Maiden flesh. A few glazes are painted as well, using a purple/blue mix...