Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Finishing the Drow flesh tone: Raging Heroes Vestal experiment

Continuing on from the previous post, you can see that we are nearly at the lightest stages of the flesh tones.  Many of these next steps involve the armor and weapons, but also the hair.

I darkened the hair even more in this step.  Part of my reasoning was to make the hair somewhat transparent by having the darker skin tone show through the hair spread over the back.

In this step, the lightest flesh highlights are applied, and shadows are painted around the eyes and the lips  The head piece is defined a bit more, and I mix a bit more yellow with my purple on the armor (especially on the back of the calf)

More highlights are worked into the armor, but I also use some dark brown/purple mixes to define the shadow edges on the armor even more.  Some shading is applied to the weapons...

Some very bright highlights are applied to the hair and the armor.

More reflected lava effects are done on the armor...

The weapons are given some non-lava related reflected light.  The goal is to create a light to dark fade from the bottom of the blades to the top, which should be the darkest shade.  This makes the highlight on the edges stand out even more, and that helps to create a metallic effect.  

You can make this even more pronounced if the highlight edge is tinted yellow next to a slightly purple dark color.

More edges are cleaned up, and parts of the blades smoother even further with thinned down paint.

I will post the finished images early tomorrow.  There will also be a set of side by side shots of both flesh tone examples!!  Stay tuned...

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