Monday, November 19, 2012

Tales from the Crypt: part two

I guess a graveyard set of bases is quite appropriate for this evening, as one team gets buried on Monday Night Football.  I assure you, this will be way more fun!

See how much fun it is to make neat headstones out of baked sculpey?  For those of you familiar with the last post, you saw how I used my exacto knife as a drill, scouring out the interior circles.  It is a bit like starting out a circular cut on a piece of plywood by drilling a hole in it first, and then working your way outward with a jigsaw.

Plus, I was using Sculpey III, which is a tad more resilient than the regular sculpey.

The scribe tool is used to make some fine cracks.  I decided to leave this headstone devoid of any further details for the moment.  I may add a skull in the center of one side of the cross with some green stuff...

The cross now is able to stand on the riser.  It should even be able to fit on some of the bigger base inserts I did before, such as the 40 and 50 mm versions.

Now for the floor.  Once again, I want this particular set to be more interactive than the others, so the floor will be completely flat, with a rather generic pattern, so that any of the extra objects like the book stand or candles can be placed on it.

Once the initial squares have been carved with the wood carving tool, it's time to break out the scribing tool for the fine cracks.

Cracks completed!  The tiles are left relatively open, as I said before, so that the painter has the option of painting them as different color marble tiles, or even painting some inlay patters, etc.  I know for myself, I prefer to have that option open to me, no matter how nice the existing pattern might be in various resin bases you see on the market.  This way, I am not forced to paint the same pattern that everyone else who purchased that same base is painting!

Sorry for the mini rant!  With some sand and gravel added, this one is just about ready.

Here's another set of painted crypt bases.  You can see some of the "extras" that you could put on this bigger base.  Between the candles and the book stand, you cold make a whole diorama just out of this base insert!

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