Monday, November 19, 2012

Tales from the Crypt... another base insert

Yes, we have yet another base insert!  Sorry :-)

It will be fun, though... I promise.  I have to make an 80 mm version of this set...

This Groundwerks set from CMON was designed to be very modular.  All of the crosses and headstones were designed to be interchangeable.  Same for the candles and book stand.

We begin with a sheet of baked sculpey.  I used sculpey III for this design, since I needed something that was a bit stronger than the regular white sculpey you have seen me use so often.

I wanted to make a riser for the headstone, so I got a thicker piece and cut that to size.

To get some more variety in the riser, I have a thinner piece that will go underneath the taller section.

Both are aged and weathered with some broken chips...

To make an even thinner decorative addition to the riser, I added a plasticard piece that was even thinner...

The completed riser.

Now for the trickiest part... sculpting the cross headstone.  I drew it out first, using circles to space out the cross bars.

I took a very sharp exacto knife and cut away all the straight portions first, leaving just the interior circles.

The circles are cut away later, using the method shown in the next image...

I took my exacto knife and used the blade as a drill, twisting it, cutting away sculpey, until the blade reached my pencil lines.  The rest had to be cut away the old fashioned way :-)

Stay tuned for the exciting conclusion later!!

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