Friday, November 23, 2012

Start your Engines!!!

Here is the other Engine of the Gods!

I tried to do as many different things with the colors on this one as possible.  Obviously the sculpt is a bit different as well.  Just like it's buddy, this one could be used as an ancient stegadon.

The spacescape on this version was inspired by the Eagle Nebula, and the Pillars of Creation.  I have painted that scene many times in my regular 2D paintings...

I used a different foliage on this one that I enjoyed a great deal.  The big plastic leaves really conveyed that jungle look!  I want to make some specialized pieces of terrain using those!

This view gives you a hint that the priest is removable...

This particular view shows terrain that has either been built or is under construction.  I have already made the Temple of Blood, which I am sure most of you have seen by now.  The terradon aviary is another piece of terrain I have been constructing for a while.  That will be the subject of a how to for sure!!!

Another view that shows the inside of the howdah.

More views of the skink on the back, and the foliage...

Here we see the priest on foot.  By removing him, you get an even better view of the howdah floor.  His base was made to match that floor as closely as possible.

Close up of the priest.

And one of the skinks...

I have some more views coming of both Engines together!  I am pretty sure I have not taken any images like them before...


  1. The portal reminds a lot of a prehistoric STARGATE. Really nice colours and excellent work as always Jim! Have a smiley :D

    1. you know, I bet you I was chanelling that movie when I was constructing these!!

      Many thanks!

  2. Wow, that is some impressive free hand work!