Thursday, November 22, 2012

Over the river of blood and through the jungle to Babo's house we go!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  What better way to celebrate than to go back to the very first Thanksgiving... when the Old Ones walked the Earth, and the child races had yet to be born...

This is one of two Engines of the Gods which I scratch sculpted, using my trusty tinfoil and apoxy sculpt method.  The howdah was made mostly from sculpey.  If you do a search (brand new gadget!) for Lizardmen or Engines of the Gods, the work in progress images should appear in an earlier post.

As I love painting spacescapes, I could not resist the temptation to paint a tiny one on the portal!  It was a blast.  The skink priest can actually be removed if you need him on foot in a regular unit.  Or, if you are me, when he is shot off the howdah on the first turn!  Therefore, the portal can be taken off as well.

This view really shows that spacescape, which was a painting I did many years ago called Chaos and Creation.

I had a lot of fun sculpting the stegadons.  I loved making the scales and the horns... adding the extra bits, etc.

Here are some views of the back, showing the terradon nesting grounds.

My army was comprised of skinks, terradons, salamanders, and these Engines of the gods.  Before 8th edition came along, I did not even have a Slann Mage Priest.

I used some old edition skink archers to fill out the crew.

The base was designed to match the rest of the army, as well as the Temple of Blood display board.  If you are new to the blog, and are not familiar with the Temple of Blood and the Legend of Stikki Wikkitt, I suggest you do a search on that as well. :-)

There was quite the story behind the army.  It lead the way for the Tainted Pharaoh and his legions.  Many games were played with this army, including a very fun four part campaign against the forces of Chaos... who else?

This could also double as an ancient stagedon, with giant blowpipes (you can see the stanchions for them towards the front of the howdah).  I had a skink chief that could also ride on this monster.  I don't think I ever played a game with that setup, however...

I will post some images of the other Engine of the Gods later tonight, so stay tuned!!!!!

Yes, it is Thanksgiving, and that means it's time for Cathy's Cranberry Sauce!!!!! Yummy. :-)


  1. A very good painting job!!
    Sure I´ll be tuned

    1. It was nice to finally get some images of the finished engines! The previous sets had been taken prior to Armies on Parade of 2011, so they were a bit out of date. :-)

    2. Yes... I visited some minutes later.
      Oh My God!!! I thought the stegadon was a conversion. Amazing!!

      I agree with Ghostin ''one of the most inspiring blogs''... I must review... and study ;-) your blog.

    3. Welcome to my world of miniature madness! Just don't get lost... :-)

  2. Fantastic work! Any chance you might do a tutorial on painting spacescapes? Your's looks stunning!

    1. i would love to do that! I think there was one post a while back where I even put some of them on the blog :-) Spacescapes are really fun!

  3. Hands down, you've got one of the most inspiring blogs going. Keep it up and thanks for giving so much of yourself!

    1. thanks for the kind words, and for taking the time to check out the blog! I really try to keep things interesting and useful :-)