Saturday, November 3, 2012

Off to war: No, that's not Cheeze Whiz

All right, we are just about to leave for the tournament.  First, a few images of the board from the other day. You can see the process of making waterfalls starts with water effects, spread out on the plastic sheet

You make the waterfall sheets with a brush, and let it dry.

The board ready for priming.

Priming the board with black latex paint!

Then it was time to put the magnetic primer on the horizontal surfaces to hold the minis better..

Painting the board!  Lots of acrylic paint...

Big brushes, and key colors spread out on pallettes...

Mixing grey and green into the black to lighten all the rocks gradually.

Some areas get a yellow ochre to make them more greenish

The river bed gets even more green...

Same for the waterfall area

More to come!


  1. Magnetic primer? That's brilliant! I didn't even know they made that kind of stuff.

    1. Yes, a painter on the Tomb Kings forums mentioned it. I have found so many additional uses for it... it is amazing stuff. It does have to be handled carefully, though...

  2. I agree with Reid. It is brilliant. Thank you. Will help me with my diorama.

    1. The more layers you can get on a surface, the better things will hold. I have discovered that flock also cuts down more on the magnetism than I originally anticipated...

  3. always amazed on your use of color....

    1. Thanks Super limited palette pieces such as these can be fun a traumatic at the same time!