Saturday, November 17, 2012

It's pure chaos! Strange rocks...

All right!  Another 80 mm base insert.  This time, I have to make one to match my set that I sculpted a few years ago.  the set was modeled after a base that Cathy created for one of her Golden Demon entries in 2007.

The rocky part was made with tinfoil and apoxy sculpt, just like the last two designs.  Once that had set up completely, it was time to get crazy with chaos!  Out came the green stuff.  I mix a bit more yellow than blue, so that the mix is a little softer and more pliable.

To re-create the textures from the original bases, start by blocking out the 'sores' or whatever you want to call the ovals.

Once the ovals are in, I use my tool to create some small holes.

On the other side of the base, it's time to extend the chaosy bits over the top of the rocks...

I use one of my tools to spread out the original blob, pulling it out from the center.

More little holes are created with the same tool...

And filled in with little balls of green stuff.

It's just about time to extend that piece over the larger face of the rock...

An even bigger blob of green stuff (heavy on the yellow mix) is spread out, and I start sculpting the ovals.

And once again pulling the green stuff away from those ovals.

Stay tuned for the exciting finale!!!!

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