Friday, October 12, 2012

Reworking the Galadrhim cavalry: shaded basecoat at work...

Today I tried to get (among other things) the Galadrhim cavalry up to speed with the infantry I had been working on.  My color scheme had changed a lot since I first started painting these.  The robes were now a different color, and I had decided to go with NMM instead of metallics. There were a few reasons for this, which I will be covering in a different comparative post tomorrow.

In any event, I had to repaint everything except for the horses fur.  The shaded basecoat technique was crucial in this process. These images show how they looked after I had added the glazing and shading:

 I was very pleased that just a few layers of shading produced a nice clean edge and color transition!

This image shows one freshly shaded figure next to one at the pre-shading stage

This is a preview of tomorrow'a post, where I will be comparing the original color scheme to this, and where I will share some of the thought process.

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