Thursday, October 11, 2012

Another dose of Malifaux

This morning we have one last collection of Malifaux figures.  I enjoyed painting this one... especially making the base from sculpey and flex paste.

Some very unusual zombies!

A Victoria...

Steampunk spider!


  1. The snow on the bases looks incredible. Any chance I could get an explanation/tutorial on your process?

    1. The snow begins with a layer of flex paste to bulk out the snow. You can see this in one of my basing posts.

      Once the flex paste is dry, I paint it with blueish greys... almost like it is a glacier.

      Then using white elmer's glue, I glue on a layer of snow flock from woodland scenics. As you can see, it is transperent enouh to show the painted colors on the flex paste, and yet still give a fluffy snow texture. When the light hits it a certain way, you even get a bit of that same glitter effect :-)

      I hope that is helpful!

  2. I love the reminds me of Gen. George S Pattons dog Willy. Rich