Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Reaper variety... always fun!

I have talked with many folks who run RPG games about how handy Reaper minis have been through the years.  There really is something for everyone!  And the cost levels are such that you could still do a group of "bad" guys to plug into a scenario, encounter module, etc.

Since many of them tend to be one piece or 2 pieces, they are pretty sturdy, and can take a lot more abuse.  RPG players seem to be much rougher on their minis than wargamers.

Whether it's townsoflk, town guard, or evil characters, it's always a good time doing that search for just the right miniature to fit that certain character.

I don't get to paint those as often as I would like.  Most of the ones I have painted lately have been for Lord of the Rings, if you can believe that.  They have also made good Blood Bowl minis, for reasons of that toughness I mentioned earlier...

Well, enjoy, and I will see you all later tonight!


  1. Absolutely stunning as always Jim. I really like the drow at the end it would have fitted in well with my clubs drow campaign which ended earlier this year, a fantastic reaper model and one of my favourites.

    Now I'm really sorry for this question but could I bother you for your red recipe for fabric as I have forgotten it and I am in desperate need of assitance because my reds look either too orange or too pinky and the shadows are too fierce. I promise I will have my note pad at the ready. :)

    1. There is no specific mixture that I use for reds, since the colors I have available to me are constantly changing.

      For a typical red, however, I try to use a middle of the road red... like a scab red, and mix a dark blue in that for my shadow areas. For the lighter areas, I use a color similar to a vomit brown.

      This is not too "orange", but not too "pink" That is the key. It is a greyed down, muted orange.

      For the brightest highlights, I tend to use some sort of elf flesh.

      I hope that helps!

      Cheers :-)