Monday, October 8, 2012

Meet Batu Qorchi!! Khandish charioteer

Well, here we have a painted Khand chariot at last!  The driver is named Batu Qorchi, which translates in the Mongol language as "Loyal quiver bearer".  

It was very fun to see this all together once all the parts had been completed.  Sometimes it is difficult to make everything mesh together shading and color wise when you paint so many pieces individually.

I am glad that I have been making all the horses different breeds and colors.  I think the "official" paint jobs are all black or dark brown.  That is fun once in a while, but not all the time!

I also had been itching to get my base covered with some flock and static grass.  The shading had been set up specifically to accent the lighter grass and flock.  I had also made the cracks in the tiles a bit wider, since I knew I wanted to fill in with the flock.  That makes a very cool effect, and it is one that will be used a lot on the display board!. :-)

I also had a lot of fun with the various hues on the purples!  Plenty of opportunities to get variation with so many surfaces.

I must say, I prefer my converted Tomb King chariots.  The guys look better inside them in terms of scale, and they are easier to paint.  Perhaps the "official" versions are smaller so they can be squeezed onto the 60mm base.  I was also able to add trophy heads, which is the most important thing!

In case you have not seen the original WIP images of the conversion, you can see the Tomb King chariot quite clearly.  I had to saw off about a half inch from the yoke, and another half inch from the chariot itself.  That got it just about down to the size that would fit on a 60mm base.


  1. Looks great...and deadly. But damn your trophy heads!!! Rich

    1. If painting makes the minis do better in a game, giving them trophy heads must help even more!