Friday, October 19, 2012

From Osprey to Eagle...when you gotta have air support.

As many of you already know, I had decided to get rid of the Army of the dead, substituting Gwaihir in their place, along with some extra cavalry.  You will also recognize this figure as the Great Osprey I just painted for  One more was kindly donated to this cause, as I didn't have an eagle.

The biggest thing I had to do was to saw off the seat for the rider, and get rid of the straps.  To make this more approproate to the fluff of my two tournament armies, I added some Easterling casualties...

Here is the back view that shows my green stuff work to fill that area in.  I have done 4-5 birds by this sculptor, so I was pretty familiar with how the feathers are arranged and such.

I have some more posts coming with step by step images of the painting process.  Stay tuned!!!!


  1. Such a beautiful, dynamic sculpt. a perfect Gwaihir.

    1. Thanks! This bird also works very nicely in a game, as the pose keeps it from banging into the other figures on the table. When you see it together with the other figures, it really looks as if it is swooping in for the kill!