Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Cold Pewter on Ice: A new Impact Miniatures game

Here are a few images of some great miniatures that are part of an upcoming miniature based hockey game from Impact Miniatures!  I am sure you can get more details from their website.  My job is painting. :-)

There are four figures in all, shown here in raw form:

The goalie is really old school!

I am painting the masters for them, and here are some work in progress images.  First, I cut down the sprues so that I could create an ice sheet base for them.

Then it was time to attach all the sticks.  A few pins and some liquid green stuff, and they were ready to go!

Now they are positioned on their bases:

They are now primed, and ready for painting!!!

Stay tuned!

PS-- my apologies for this different format to the images.  Photobucket has still not solved the problems, so I am stuck with this for now.  My apologies!

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