Friday, September 14, 2012

Cold Pewter on Ice: closing minutes of the 3rd Period...


After a very long day of terrain building an painting at the Wandering Dragon Shoppe today, I have way too many pictures to process right now :-)  So, I am putting up some images from before we left of the new Impact hockey miniatures.

They are almost done!

First, I had to get the bases painted.  I wanted to create something that would indicate a player's position by the markings on the base.  Also, those darker markings would give me a good chance to show cut marks on the ice from skates (the zamboni will have lots of work to do later!).


Here we have some painting done on the players...

I will be putting an 'ardcoat layer or two over the bases to make them appear even more icy.



A little more work done on the uniforms, lightening the whites...

Stay tuned for the finished images tomorrow!  And lots of terrain pics as well. :-)


  1. Those are so cool. I'd like to get some to paint in Kings colors...

    1. Fortunately, there are some nice areas to put all the logos and numbers. Sometimes there are so many folds, it interferes with that kind of freehand. The finished ones are about to be posted!