Saturday, August 25, 2012

Post # 600!!!! Teaching an old dog new tricks...


Gee, I was really shocked to see my posts at number 599 right before I went to put this up!  I guess that means I am averaging about 100 posts per month.  Scary, I know!

What should not be scary is this neat little devil.  It is a very fun Werner Klocke sculpt for Reaper.


She is up on CMON right now, so I call on all loyal Wappellians to vote!!



I very rarely get to paint anything like this, so it was a treat.  I also took the opportunity to experiment with flow improver, which I had never tried before.  I used it on almost every surface, with different types of brushes, paints, even other mediums.  There is a whole lot of potential use for it... and not just for freehand.  Very cool! 

That just goes to show you that you can indeed teach an old dog new tricks!  Speaking of which, we have been substitute dog walkers for these two hounds, who we have known since before they had names.

Here is Max:

Max as usual waiting for someone to toss his ball:

And his sister Zoe:


Neither of these dogs had been trained to walk in the disciplined fashion that we walk dogs, so we knew that some teaching would be involved.  After just 2 days, they are now pretty well ensconced in the correct way to do things, and they very rarely step out of formation or yank on the leash.  Of course, border collies are among the smarter dogs, but other people could do the same thing (if only!)


  1. Great skin!

    I am still learning about saturation and de-saturation using complimentary colors. Is that the same thing as chroma?

    Hue, saturation, chroma... am I mixing up terms or missing any key terms?

    Brilliant work as usual. Ty Jim

    1. Saturation and chroma are kind of the same thing. I think saturation has come into use more for me as a term because I have done so much compuetr graphics over the years. :-)

      What was very tough for me to absorb was that a highly saturated cool color would stand out, even when right next to a greyed down warm color. I tried to play with color temp and satuartion here, which was a blast.