Monday, July 23, 2012

The horde of Wappellians grows to 200+ !! And it is appreciated.

I noticed that the legion of followers passed the 200 mark yesterday!  I guess that is not quite a legion, but it would certainly qualify as a small mob of zombies. :-)  Lessons on how to shamble properly to follow...

Anyway, it was time to break out the trusty green stuff on Tommy the Colossus (the Heirotitan is named Timmy, BTW).


Here you can see some green stuff used to create the feet, as well as details on the cape, etc.  I also created the giant bow...

Not to worry, his head was not shot off by Karl Franz's troops for target practice!  I did some carving on the sculpey head, and thgen added details with the green stuff, being sure to mix more yellow than blue so that it would actualy stick to the sculpey (which can be hard to do at times).


To try and make this closer to the fluff written about the colossus in the army book, I tried to add some skulls.  I sculpted a bunch of scarabs around them to hold them on and have them make a bit more sense.  Now it is appropriately "adorned with skulls", although nobody is ever going to see them on the back!  Bummer!  I brought out some Apoxy sculpt again to start building up the hands as well.


Thanks to all who come to the blog, comment and follow it on a daily basis.  I will try to keep it as interesting as I can!


  1. Congrats James! Can't believe how many followers you have managed to get in such a short space of time. My blog only has one but it will take time for it to buld up speed, I hope XD. Anyway just think how many votes you'll get for CMON if at least 50-60% of wappelians vote, that is definately some food for thought. Well Done again.

    P.S. You don't need to worry about keeping your stuff interesting as it is always so mind blowing beautiful that us brain dead zombies just groan at it. (In a good way though as only us zombies can do ;D)

    1. Thanks! :-)

      I have noticed that it will go in spurts. You can be stuck on a number for a while, and then you add 10-20 in a week! I guess if you capture someone's fancy, they pass it on and spread the word!!