Sunday, June 10, 2012

Home Sweet Home: the Tomb complex of the Silver Pharaoh (Armies on Parade)

Here  is a basic sketch that I made a while back of my display board for my Armies on Parade Tomb Kings army.  There have been some alterations since this original drawing, mostly on the upper level.


There will be a wall/gate on the back of the top level that will have images of the King and the new "God" to which the King has pledged his service.  It will show how he made this pact in the hopes of becoming mortal once again.

Also on the upper level, you can see some grave robbers digging away at the tomb beneath.  They are from the Empire.  One of them will have dropped a torch down into the tomb itself, as in Indiana Jones.  Creeping up behind them are some of the Carrion.

While the surface level will have mostly broken monuments, sand and debris, the tomb level will be relatively pristine.  The floor will be done just like the floor on the Casket of souls that was posted a few days ago.

In the alcoves will stand the Ushabti, with all sorts of designs and cartouches telling the history behind the army.  I will also be using LED lights and fibre optics to create a pallid greenish glow inside the Tomb.  This is intended to make sure people can see what's going on in there, even in the notoriously dim lighting of the convention hall. 

The Columns will have many designs and hieroglyphs painted on them, and even the ceiling will have a representation of the Heavens, similar to that which was done in Egyptian tombs.

Some of the restrictions on the overall design come from the display area for Armies on Parade.  I know I have to deal with the sneeze guards, which means that I have to deal with a pretty shallow angle.  The final board will have less of the upper level showing, hence the need for that back wall/gate.

I will post WIP images of the board as it is constructed!  Also, I will be posting the story behind this army in the next day or two, so be sure to look for that!

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