Sunday, June 10, 2012

A History of Helexa: Then and Now


I mentioned a few days ago about posting a "Then and Now" set of images,  The idea is to paint the exact same miniature in almost the same colors, many years apart, and compare the results.  Some things that don't show up in photos are how much time (more or less) than it took to paint the same piece.

I was able to locate such a piece, and it is Helexa from Dark Age Games.  This version was done a year or so ago, and it looks quite familiar  to the style I use now.

This is the artwork which I was required to match, a nice painting by Brom:


Here are the rest of the views of the newer version:



And now for the original one, painted in early 2004.  The first one also took a great deal longer, possibly three times as long to paint.  You can see a very large difference!


I suggest that you all try something like this.  Even if you have only been at this a few months.  I did some years ago that were less than a year apart.  You will be amazed!


  1. Interesting to see your changes in style and color choice. Did you repaint the original or paint a new model?

    1. This was an entirely different miniature. The first one was long gone :-)