Saturday, July 7, 2018

Somua Strike

This was the first AFV that I painted for my original French Flames of War army, and then once again for my Bolt Action version.  It led to a lot of research, which continues to this day years later!

There were a number of very interesting Camo schemes for these vehicles, and I could not resist trying out this one. Here's a link to the first Facebook live session where it was painted:

Here is a link to the follow up episode:

I have a lot of fun with the French vehicle color schemes, since the later war Allied vehicles are essentially one color.  While utilizing various weathering techniques to make those have more depth is also very interesting, the challenge of making something like this work is quite a test!

Many more tutorials are on the way, covering every era and theatre of the war.  You will be seeing many more videos on how I am approaching my Winter Soviets, so stay tuned!

You can see this tank in action in my Bolt Action battle report "Blood At Arras":


  1. An interesting colour scheme. I suppose late war vehicles had only one basic colour for reasons of wartime economy.

    1. The US and Soviets were cranking out so many tens of thousands, I think they didn't even want to bother :-) Ya blow up 5, and 15 more are waiting to take their place...

  2. Simply gorgeous.
    Each French manufacturer had his own color scheme. Maybe it's the reason your somua's turret and hull have different camo : the same thing could happen with B1bis tanks, some color scheme being really surprising (one of them with the top turret in sky blue).

    1. Yes indeed! I always talk about the sky blue color scheme, and how interesting that must have looked to a ground attack aircraft ;-) Effective from the field perspective, quite hazardous from the air! :-)