Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Sneaky Snakes

I have to say, these snake men/ Ophidians from Mierce Miniatures have to be my favorites from the entire line!

They are quite interesting, as each one is a different "character".  Instead of slightly different poses or slightly different weapons, they are entirely unique poses/shapes.  For instance, one of the 5 figures in the set is clearly a shaman, etc.

That is the other aspect which I find so interesting.  Monstrous infantry really is the specialty of Mierce.  If you check out some of my previous Mierce focused posts, you will see a variety of these huge creatures in unit form.  This is the case with the Walrus men (yes, you heard that right) and even Octopus.

I especially enjoyed painting the weapon on this.  Since this was done, I have had a number of discussions on how to approach NMM.  Lately I have been emphasizing the use of colors that you see on the figure or the "environment" around it.  This is very important, as metal is reflective!  

When I was asked about NMM paint sets, this really brought the idea to the forefront of the discussion.  I don't have go to colors to any kind of NMM these days.  I simply use variations of already existing colors, which enhances that 'reflectivity'

There are more of these on the way, so you will be able to get an idea of what I mean about these large creature "units".  In effect, you have the standard infantry sized versions which are sets of 10 (full command, etc.), then the monstrous infantry, and then a colossal beast from the same type of creature.

So stay tuned!!!


  1. That is a really wonderful paint job! Is the body of the snake part of the base or completely separate?

    1. Many thanks! The snake is all one figure.. tail, body and so on. I have many more of these coming too! :-)