Saturday, October 7, 2017

Tangled Web

Black Scorpion Miniatures is a line that I ran across by accident, and I am very glad that I did!

They have lots of fantastic sculpts, from western theme (how I found them in the first place), pirate and even Blood Bowl teams.  The pirate figures are very interesting, since they have several factions.  The dwarf and goblin pirates have lots of character, as well as the undead pirates.

The female characters are also very fun, and this witch with her kitty familiar were quite nice.

You can tell that these were all sculpted by hand with traditional green stuff, which is also a rarity these days for companies making new releases!  Here's the website:

I thought that I would have some fun and make the cloak transparent.  This way I could add the spider web touches.  It posed a challenge with the skin colors, as the transparent black meant that the skin colors would be tinted greenish or blueish gray.  I had to ad plenty of pinks and purples to balance that out.


  1. The transparent dress trick is a really good one I'm going to have to remember.

    1. Thanks! I thought that it would definitely make this one a little more interesting than the usual black dress :-)

    2. My brain is screaming just at the thought of trying that much freehand and blending. One for the future when I've got a bit more practice in, I think. :)

    3. We always did lots of practice runs on a piece of board or paper first to see if the pattern would work out, and to get used to painting it :-)