Friday, July 21, 2017

That's it for Fritz!

The British player in our group wanted to have a few trucks as transports, but felt that the usual trucks were on the small size to move ten infantry around on the field. So, he bought himself a few of the Warlord Games Opel Blitz trucks, and sent them to me for modifications...

I made one of them in desert theme, and one for the continent.  On this desert vehicle, I thought it would be fun to "paint out" the Afrika Korps markings.  You can see some of that on the doors, and on the left side of the truck bed. 

That marking was covered with a bit of mischief... a little graffiti which states :That's it for Fritz!"

I was really looking forward to using a few weathering powders to create the dust/sand look.  As per the usual "chess match"  of weathering, you have to think several steps ahead.  That meant painting some areas a touch darker, so that the lighter sand would really show up.

The tarp over the bed was a prime candidate for this!

From the outset, I wanted to have British flags on the trucks as identifiers.  Since control of the skies was not absolute at this stage, it was certainly one way to keep from getting pounced on by your own pilots!

Most of the painting was done with Secret Weapon paints, since I needed them to dry rapidly.  While I love using the oil paints, rapid drying is not one of their advantages :-)

I like to use both mediums, as I continue to learn new techniques and subtle ways to utilize them.

I will post pictures of the other captured Blitz, so stay tuned!!


  1. That is nice! It reminds me of a story from the Western Desert in pre-Alamein days. The German and British forces to the south of the front line had developed a 'live and let-live' attitude. A keen young officer joined the German outfit in one location and chaffed at the lack of action. On his own inititiative he led a raid into British lines which resulted in no casualties on either side and a captured truck. His CO was less than happy, knowing the British would retaliate and upset the general air of calm. They did retaliate. The next night British raiders snuck into the German lines without casualities on either side and stole TWO trucks. I think that keen young officer was told to curb his enthusiasm after that. :)

    1. That's a fantastic account! I will have to remember that and tell it to folks when these are out on the table and we do the desert campaigns!

  2. The addition of the flag is genius and gives it a bit of a story.

    1. Thanks! I was searching for a way to make that work. I have seen so many examples of German vehicles with their flag on tanks and transports, this just seemed logical ;-)