Monday, July 31, 2017

Dead Eye Jane

This is the second Bombshell sculpt by Patrick Keith that was done as an Adepticon special release.

I will be using it in a special class for the Geek Nation Tours at Adepticon next year.

As usual, the idea is to show the Shaded Basecoat technique, and the glazing techniques too.  This will help to 'free up' your painting, not worrying about endless layers of progressively lighter paint or very specific 'color formulas'.  The concept is to simplify your palette down to 5-7 colors, so that you don't have to perpetually hunt down just the right color for a highlight or mid tone.

You can get a nice view of that in this blog post.  Of course, if you want to see these techniques for yourself, I have them available through my Painting Pyramid video series, which is available on USB drives!  Each episode is 100 minutes long, and it takes you from primer to painted miniature.

There are 53 different episodes to choose from, with basing, color theory, skin tones, metals, and even terrain videos!


  1. "simplify your palette down to 5-7 colors" - God I'd love to... if I wasn't too lazy to learn the techniques required ;) Great work here, the rich green is lovely.

    1. I concur, my painting table is usually filled with at least 20 to 30 different colours.
      Love the figure!

    2. Hehe, as you guys already know, all the mini painting stems from my 2D art, so I never had more than 7-8 color on the palette... that's all there was :-) Now it applies to my minis!!