Wednesday, July 5, 2017


One more Junkers Centurion for you!  This is from the Urban Mammoth line of miniatures, and is one of several figures that I used for the Raging Reds Painting Pyramid instructional video.

These were very good subject matter, since I needed a full range of reds on these figures to define the shapes and surfaces.  This meant cooler reds in some places, but much warmer reds in others.  The base is a good example of the cooler, more muted reds.

I made the video because the sheer volume of questions that I had about how  to paint red... and specifically how to make it lighter without getting a chalky pink!

The simple key is to never use white.  I generally use warmer colors such as yellow to lighten red, but using seafoam green and other such tones will actually create a Burgundy shade.  This way you get a cooler red, but it is not quite pink, as the tiny bit of green alters that somewhat.

The how to paint Red video was one of five colors.  I made videos for Greens, Blues, Yellows and even Gray!  They are all available directly from me on USB drives.


  1. The tones, metallics, base, everything really great on this one James. Excellent work!

    1. Thanks! These remind me of the old Demonhunters army in a way :-)